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What if you had another chance to be a hero?

Man pillaged Earth, fled Mars, and finally created a perfect digital utopia. For the elites, that is. During acute class disparity, a battle android receives a human personality file to save it from its model's critical failures. "Alex" is reborn as the only machine to remember being human—and seeing how far humanity has fallen—makes a familiar decision: War.

With familiar "new" friends, a tech dictatorship, and mind-bending mysteries at every turn, it's up to a crew of misfits to save the day.

Sounds like a pretty straightforward science fiction story, right? You'd be wrong about that.

Playing hero has consequences, especially for a villain living in the past.

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Science fiction for actual adults

Now, I don't know about you, but I've had a very hard time finding recent science fiction books to read that aren't YA. While YA is great, it does have stylistic, thematic and content restraints. That's where CV comes in.

Third person omniscient like 90s pulp, a cast of badass gays fighting corporate, swear words, crass humor, laser guns, philosophy, and maybe even a couple dozen nods to 90s anime and even Stark Trek? Yes please.

CONSTELIS VOSS is for adults craving nostalgic sci-fi with less queer subtext and more queer chaos. Exactly what I want to read.

And so, I wrote it.

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books for brave readers only

You might not like CONSTELIS VOSS. I know it isn't for every reader, but with 10k eBooks in hands during year 1 for an unknown indie author? It's for somebody, that's for sure.

This is not a science fiction book series for escapists. It isn't a series for readers who give up too early. It isn't a series for readers married to TV Tropes and definitely isn't for readers who need perfect queer protagonists.

If you fit any of this, CONSTELIS VOSS is not for you. But if you're brave and willing to stick with it, you'll be rewarded far beyond your wildest dreams.

Multiple readings provide multiple perspectives and compound meaning exponentially.

All you have to do is be brave.

I'm Ready!

about author k. leigh

Hi, nice to e-meet you. I'm K. Leigh, a 35 year old disabled transmasc author and artist with a tech background. I wrote CONSTELIS VOSS to expel inner demons and challenge the tech industry to do better. They're failing us right now and we all know it.

I'm writing books for my tastes, but I'm also writing them as art weapons—and if I can crack a lavender ceiling—I'd like to help my peers.

If you hold the same values I do and believe my mission is badass, snag a book for your TBR. If you're my kind of reader, I can guarantee you'll enjoy them.

And there's 7 more books on the way, featuring the cast's human lives! 😊 How rad is that?

your tbr needs lgbt scifi

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