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What if you had another chance to save the world?

Man pillaged Earth, fled Mars, and finally created a perfect digital utopia. For the elites, that is. During class warfare, a battle android receives a human personality file to save it from its model's critical failure. "Alex" is reborn as the only machine to remember being human—and seeing how far humanity has fallen—makes a familiar decision: War.

With familiar "new" friends, a tech dictatorship, and mind-bending mysteries, it's up to a crew of misfits to save the day in this science fiction trilogy.

Sounds like a pretty straightforward story, right?

You'd be wrong about that.

Playing hero has consequences, especially for a cyborg villain living in the past.

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Subversive Science fiction for adults

Now, I don't know about you, but I've had a very hard time finding recent science fiction books to read that aren't YA. While that's great, it does have stylistic, thematic and content restraints. That's where CV comes in.

Third person omniscient like 90s pulp, a cast of badass gays fighting corporate, swear words, crass humor, laser guns, philosophy, and a couple dozen nods to 90s anime and even Stark Trek? Yes please.

CONSTELIS VOSS is science fiction for adults craving nostalia with less queer subtext and more queer chaos. Exactly what I want to read.

And so, I wrote it.

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science fiction to sink your teeth into

You might not like CONSTELIS VOSS. I know it isn't for every reader, but with 10k eBooks in hands during year 1 for an unknown indie author? It's for somebody, that's for sure.

This is not a science fiction book series for escapists. It isn't a series for readers who give up too early. It isn't a series for readers married to TV Tropes and definitely isn't for readers who need perfect queer protagonists.

If you fit any of this, CONSTELIS VOSS is not for you. But if you're brave and willing to stick with it, you'll be rewarded far beyond your wildest dreams.

Multiple readings provide multiple perspectives and compound meaning exponentially.

All you have to do is be brave.

I'm Ready!


  • LGBT+ sci-fi CONSTELIS VOSS vol. 1 - Colour Theory by K. Leigh




    I am in love and I've only read the first Vol.

    Amazing writing, dynamic characters, intriguing plot line, vivid descriptions. This book has everything a reader could be looking for, but that's not why I love it. The emotional connection I had with the characters felt like a gun shot wound, and I mean that in the best way. It touches on feelings that we are often scared to look at, let alone put into words and I adored ever moment. This book is subversive, gorgeous, gut wrenching, and feels more personal then book I've read from a larger publisher, and the authors input makes it feel like taking a journey with a companion rather then braving the complex world of Constelis Voss alone. This book is the best example of why "industry standard" isn't the best approach to writing.

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  • LGBT+ sci-fi CONSTELIS VOSS vol. 2 - Pattern Recognition by K. Leigh

    constelis voss vol 2 review



    A spectacular book!

    Pattern Recognition is an amazing sequel to the first book. The writing is just as deep and detailed as Colour Theory. The second book dives deep into the repeating cycles of trauma the cast still face in some ways. We also get to see more of the backstory of the gang’s lives as humans. And we see some backstory with Tyr as a mob boss in his previous life as well and why he became the man he is a little bit. The book also explores the conflict between Alex & Tyr and the gang’s interaction with each other in a deep and methodical way. I adore this book so much! I highly recommend this amazing novel!

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  • science fiction book CONSTELIS VOSS vol 3 by K. Leigh

    constelis voss vol 3 review



    I’d give it a standing ovation if only it was a real space opera

    I give ultimate praise to Leigh for giving the world the masterpiece known as The Constelis Voss Trilogy. The cast is dynamic and never strayed from their personal stance on social issues. Leigh orchestrated a beautiful disaster known as real life. I like how things ended in a realistic way instead of a false reality. Leigh definitely tells the world some happily ever afters aren’t what we expect them to be or how we want them to turn out. Sometimes we need to see that the choices we make have consequences that we must live with. Though not all consequences are dire, some just provide us with a lesson to reflect on. I’m eager for more in the Constelis Voss universe in the future.

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  • science fiction book trilogy CONSTELIS VOSS by k. leigh




    A Triumphant, Technicolor Beacon Through The Dark

    Constelis Voss is the masterful product of an author wrestling with internal and external demons, who emerges victorious. What initially seems like a slick sci-fi novel in Volume 1 evolves into something much more complicated, exciting, devastating, but ultimately hopeful by the end of Volume 3.

    We as readers are given ciphers to glimpse into what is really happening. With Volume 1, it's color theory. With Volume 2, it's pattern recognition. Then, with all those tools at our disposal, all is revealed for the Reformat in Volume 3. It's a story where each new revelation chips away at the deceptive facade until the truth is laid bare; where you see the truth and can look back and see that it was all there from the very start. Every detail is part of a grand plan orchestrated by Kira Leigh.

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about author k. leigh

Hi, nice to e-meet you. I'm K. Leigh, a 35 year old disabled transmasc author with a tech background. I wrote CONSTELIS VOSS to expel inner demons and challenge the tech industry to do better. They're failing us with their goofy sci-fi AI dreams and we all know it.

I'm writing science fiction books for my tastes, but I'm also writing them in the hopes that I can do some good with my art. I'd like to help my peers and stick it to the techno-jerks.

If you hold the same values I do, snag a book for your TBR. If you're my kind of reader, I can guarantee you'll enjoy them. 😊

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your tbr needs some badass lgbt

Fantastic prose. A lovable ensemble cast. LGBTQ+ characters. Literary puzzles. Action and Adventure. This isn't your dad's sci-fi book series—it's something different.

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