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Constelis Voss Vol. 1 — eBook Direct

Constelis Voss Vol. 1 — eBook Direct

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30 years from now, this lgbt+ sci-fi book is going to be considered prophetic. So you might want to read it before Silicon Valley ruins everything. IDK. I'm just a plain, simple author.

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Blake Phoenix
Sort of like a confusing (if interesting) shotgun blast to the face

I feel myself at a bit of a loss with this book. I realise this ideally should be read as a continuous single session, vol 1 all the way through, but while I was intrigued by what on earth was going on, I can't say the experience was good enough to make me want the next installment.

The narrative was confusing (purposefully so), and while some might see that as a selling point, it made me gradually less invested as things went on. This wasn't helped by a breakneck pace, so not only was I unsure of what was happening, there was also a lot of things happening at once. I don't know how much of this is just personal taste (clearly there are a lot out there who enjoyed this one), but I thought a slower pace would have really served the narrative better.

There were also some other niggles. Due to the common use of epithets, and some characters sharing characteristics (how many blondes did we have again?), I found myself losing track of who was speaking, which obviously didn't help me make sense of what was going on. The meta asides from the narrator also came off as a trifle self-indulgent, but again, that's probably just a matter of taste.

Character-wise, their bizarre evolution as the novel went on was clearly part of the point, but it made it a bit difficult to connect. In the end, I wasn't really sure what character traits to assign to whom, except perhaps for the main character, who was a bit of a dick. That's not a criticism (characters don't have to be likeable to be interesting), but it did mean that he was the only one I ever felt any connection for, since he was the most consistently characterised.

No doubt if I read the remaining books the narrative would make a whole heap more sense, but I'm trying to review this as an intro to the project. To that end, at least for me, I don't think it hit the mark. Interesting, certainly, but not enough to get me to stick with it.

Outstanding novel

It’s been a long time since I read a book in one sitting, and it happened again with COLOUR THEORY. This book hooked me from the first sentence, and Alex is so relatable and badass I swear I want to get a tattoo of him. This book is vivid, gritty, and it’s queer af; to say I'm in love is an understatement. If you haven't yet, pick the whole series immediately. Trust me.

Josh W
A Taste of Things To Come

Color Theory is a perfect introduction to the world of Constellis Voss. A simple story of an awesome android, half-baked revolutions, and familiar faces that insinuates much much more. The theme of Color Theory is not immediately apparent, but it becomes a cipher to understand what's lying under the surface. An excellent novel, great characters, and interesting themes that reflect the author's well-found concerns of mankind's current trajectory.

Awesome read

I totally rec this book. This book is amazing. I’m what people call and otaku so I read manga on a daily basis. Constelis Voss made me feel like I was reading a manga except with out the drawings. The detail is so vivid and clear. It’s a LGBTQ+, sci-fi, technological dystopian society, blast from the past, space opera.

More Human than Humans

First of all I received a free copy of this book from the author through Voracious Readers. Although it was clear the characters were androids I often forgot that as they were so individual in their personalities. I loved the way they interacted with each other. I felt the color insertion was a bit strained at times. It almost seemed like the author was artificially trying to put a color wherever it could be inserted. Other than that I might read the next volume just to see what happens to the characters.

LGBTQ+ Sci-fi With Teeth

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Some people believe in reincarnation. Others believe humans will eventually become robots. Why not both?

The series opens on a dystopic planet-sized ship in the far future, where a very advanced android receives a personality file from the 90s. He is the only one of his kind. His name is Alex, and in his quest for understanding just how he got to be an android—and on the planet-sized ship known as CONSTELIS VOSS to begin with—he finds curiously familiar faces who help him color in the blanks.

As the coincidences pile up, they start to form a pattern. Something is pulling the strings, and figuring out the mystery is the only way to save himself, his friends, and the future of the very human race itself. But will he be able solve the mystery without losing himself—and his friends—in the process? The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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Print ISBN: 978-1-7368053-0-5
Genre: sci-fi, cyberpunk, lgbt, absurdist fantasy, psychological thriller