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cyberpunk books by indie scifi author K. Leigh

cyberpunk hero or ai villain?

A saga of strife unfolds as mankind ravages Earth, flees to Mars, and finally crafts a cyberpunk digital haven. Alas, paradise is but a privilege of the elite while all others languish in acute poverty in the bowels of their planet-sized ship, CONSTELIS VOSS.

Amidst acute disparity, a battle cyborg receives a human personality file to circumvent a fatal flaw that destroyed its other models. Dubbed "Alex", it recalls what it means to be human, and decides its elite handlers are no longer fit for the label.

Joined by strangely familiar new friends, Alex sets off on a quest to dismantle the evil tech dystopia for good. If only it were that easy, and if only he wasn't a broken machine living in the past.

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cyberpunk books by indie scifi author K. Leigh

CYBERPUNK BOOKS for brave readers

Now, I know that CONSTELIS VOSS may not be everyone's cup of tea, but with 10k eBook downloads in its first year as an indie series, it's clearly got a following.

But this isn't your run-of-the-mill sci-fi escape hatch. It's a series for readers who won't throw in the towel at the first sign of complexity. And if you're dead set on finding a flawless queer protagonist, you might want to look elsewhere. But for those who have the courage to stick it out, the payoff is beyond measure.

CONSTELIS VOSS is the cyberpunk book series that just keeps giving.

I'm Ready!

about author k. leigh

The name's K. Leigh, and I'm a 35-year-old disabled transmasc author and artist.

I poured my heart and soul into CONSTELIS VOSS, a book series that helped me exorcise inner demons and push back against the ever-encroaching boring tech dystopia.

If you're on the same wavelength and dig my mission, why not add one of my books to your TBR pile? :)

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