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What's CONSTELIS VOSS about?

Only one ship remains after humanity's downfall: CONSTELIS VOSS. A dystopian hellscape with dictators, androids and obsolete tech.

Enter A-120P: an android war-machine with an AI programmed to serve the ship's dictator. That is, until nearly all its models flung themselves out airlocks. This prompted an old file's upload.

Alex is born as the only android to remember being human, and seeing what mankind has become, he makes a decision: war.

And he'll build an army of superheroes to do just that.


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Do I need to read the whole trilogy?

The CONSTELIS VOSS trilogy is a whole work. Because plot points get addressed later, you might be missing out if you stop early. 😉 The TBD backstory novels can be read singularly, but you likely want the context to get the full effects :)

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What about representation?

The cast is canonically bisexual. Gender identity is tricky, considering they're androids (with ancient 90s memories) that can body-hop.

Alex is canonically a trans man, but figures this out, in reverse. Vox is agender-coded. Maya is nonbinary-coded. The coding is a nod to 90s media and functions thematically as the cast rediscovers who they used to be over the course of 3 books.

For neurodivergency: Alex authentically portrays autistic trauma, as well as PTSD and bipolar, Maya embodies autistic joy and Henry does the same. Diana has ADHD. For neuroatypicality, Polly has anxiety and depression.

We can't forget race in a series about the politics of power. Vox is a dark-skinned Black person. Diana (see image) is Puerto Rican. Maya is Japanese American.

As a critique of Americentrism, both Sebastian and Alex were Russian immigrants in their past, but of very different classes.

There's a lot more in the text than outlined above. A work that seeks to critique needs to address much. 😊


Is CONSTELIS VOSS problematic?

The short answer? Absolutely. The long answer? The author does not believe "good representation" is enough. If diverse characters can only ever be perfect tokens, all that accomplishes is reacting to monoculture.

You can't reshape meaning by ignoring the lie of "what is." You reshape meaning by interrogating "what is" into the dirt. That's what CV aims to do.

For more info, check out cultural theorist Stuart Hall.

what are the themes of CONSTELIS VOSS?

What are the themes of CONSTELIS VOSS?

Though blurbed as a fun cyberpunk series with bisexual androids punching dictatorships and saving humanity with fantastic powers, it's a conceptual work.

CV aims to interrogate the politics of power, and to do that, we have to show them. Then break them down.

Every problematic element, spot of color, confusing plot point or curious object has a point: to critique or address something societal and integral. There are countless ways to analyze a work like this and all of them are valid in their own way.

Please enter this self-aware work knowing it's more than its parts or even the sum of them. Multiple readings are suggested for maximum impact.


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