A computer can never be held accountable


In 1979, IBM—like all technology businesses—had a meeting about future technology, both hypothetical and real. Nothing about this was unusual, or at least, it wasn't back then. However, in 2023, we're now approaching a tech zenith, an AI alignment point of no return, and Silicon Valley's "move fast, break stuff" methodology is finally catching up to us.

Now, a single photograph from this meeting's presentation packet has resurfaced after years of circulating the internet, ready for its moment nearly 45 years later.

What did that screenshot say?



"I wrote it that way because I lived it. And because I lived it, this is my fault."

An epic tale of conflict unfolds as humanity ravages the Earth, migrates to Mars, and ultimately engineers a cyberpunk metropolis. However, the privileged few alone enjoy the splendors of paradise, while the rest suffer in abject poverty on the colossal vessel, CONSTELIS VOSS.

In this world of stark inequality, a battle cyborg receives a human personality file, enabling it to overcome a fatal flaw that plagued its predecessors. Known as "Alex," it discovers the true essence of humanity and comes to the conclusion that its elite handlers are unfit to carry the mantle.

With the help of familiar new allies, Alex embarks on a perilous mission to dismantle the malevolent tech dystopia. Alas, it is no easy feat, especially for a machine made in man's extremely flawed image.

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sci-fi books for the ai era

But what do I know?

I'm just a plain, simple author.

It's not like I have a tech-creative freelance background, worked with CEOs and CMOs and managed software developer output and stakeholders expectations alike.

It's not like I left the tech industry during the early days of COVID to sound the alarm about AI Unalignment and lack of AI Ethics because of how little leadership seemed to care about either.

It's not like I then wrote and published an entire sci-fi trilogy to get out in front of this problem, early. Because that would just be super crazy, right?


the age of ai has arrived

It might be time to read some forward-thinking AI books that detail what not to do, so we can align before it's too late

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