Sentient AI books by K Leigh - CONSTELIS VOSS artificial intelligence novels

sentient ai gods, no masters, war

Have you ever wondered what would happen if humanity abandoned Earth and made a technological "utopia"? Well, that's exactly what happens in this indie AI book trilogy, but there's nothing utopic about it.

As class disparity and strife rages on, hi-tech battle androids suffer critical failures in the process. The only model left standing receives a personality relic to save their doomed series. Big mistake.

"Alex" is now the only machine to remember being human and he decides the age of class warfare is over, for good.

Alongside "new" friends, he must navigate a dictatorship, solve mind-bending mysteries, and ultimately save the day. But there's a catch. Playing the hero comes with consequences, especially for a broken machine living in the past.

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What about sci-fi short stories?

Yup, we've got that too. Currently featured is EMPTY OF NOTHING: one of those short stories that provokes more questions than it answers. Inspired by the 1997 sci-fi film Cube, EMPTY OF NOTHING queries the question "is life a simulation?" from multiple sides.

In short, yes? But not in the way you may think.

Sentient AI books by K Leigh - CONSTELIS VOSS artificial intelligence novels


In a world where blank white rooms and artificial food reigns supreme, our protagonist awakens to emptiness. Life is a monotonous cycle of on/off switches, coupling, nonsensical rules and death. But what happens when someone is born into this virtual land with a hunger for more? Enter the Error and his new friend, a Program.

Together, they face a synthetic world hell-bent on keeping them inside. Can they escape, and what does it all mean?

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Sentient AI books by K Leigh - CONSTELIS VOSS artificial intelligence novels

artificial intelligence: a blessing or a curse?

As a plain, simple science fiction author, I can't rightly say if AI will lead to disaster or revolution. What I can say, however, is that we have an awful long way to go with current AI Alignment and Ethics pursuits. That's just one of the reasons CONSTELIS VOSS was written.

If we're not careful, we'll carry all our GIGO into the future of futures, and then we'll really be in trounble. And I—for one—don't want to see us create a worse dystopia than the boring one we have.

If you're concerned, intrigued, or just curious about AI, consider reading CV.

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Sentient AI books by K Leigh - CONSTELIS VOSS artificial intelligence novels

what sort of readers will enjoy the cv series?

While CONSTELIS VOSS might not be everyone's cup of tea, it has certainly found a place in the hearts of many. With an impressive 10k eBooks sold in the first year alone for an indie author, there's clearly a special something that many readers connect with.

This isn't your typical modern science fiction series. It requires commitment and a willingness to dig deep over three volumes.

The story unfolds in ways that will leave you breathless, and each new reading offers up fresh perspectives and profound insights.

So, if you're feeling brave and up for a challenge, take the series for a spin. There are 7 more planned books where these badboys come from, and I'm sure you'll enjoy them.

I'm Ready!


Of course you can! Check out the review slider below for a taste of what's in store:

Just who wrote the CONSTELIS VOSS AI book series?

Hi! You might be wondering who I am, and why I've undertaken the enormous task of writing a modern (but classic-styled) sci-fi trilogy about AI. Check out the About page below to learn more about my background and even peep some press mentions :)


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