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CONSTELIS VOSS eBook Trilogy Bundle

CONSTELIS VOSS eBook Trilogy Bundle

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David West

CONSTELIS VOSS eBook Trilogy Bundle

Kyle Nielsen
Interesting premise

Action was good.

Josh W
A Triumphant, Technicolor Beacon Through The Dark

Constellis Voss is the masterful product of an author wrestling with internal and external demons, who emerges victorious. What initially seems like a slick sci-fi novel in Volume 1 evolves into something much more complicated, exciting, devastating, but ultimately hopeful by the end of Volume 3.

We as readers are given ciphers to glimpse into what is really happening. With Volume 1, it's color theory. With Volume 2, it's pattern recognition. Then, with all those tools at our disposal, all is revealed for the Reformat in Volume 3. It's a story where each new revelation chips away at the deceptive facade until the truth is laid bare; where you see the truth and can look back and see that it was all there from the very start. Every detail is part of a grand plan orchestrated by Kira Leigh.

The character building is top notch. Kira makes it so easy to fall in love with his characters flaws and all. As each one enters the stage, the story is enriched. As they discover more of themselves, they come into higher resolution. As they find power, they spring into vivid, distinct colors. You will most certainly find a character you identify with because the cast is richly diverse in a thoughtful way.

Constellis Voss is a balancing act that is perfectly executed. Indulgences in cool anime cyberpunk action and half-cocked revolutions based on bravado are offset by trauma and societal oppression. There is darkness but there is light and hope. There are clear eyed, sobering glimpses into what our current reality can fall towards, but Kira's defiant response via his characters' actions opposes and rejects all of that.

Constellis Voss is art in the truest sense of the word. It has a clear message, driven deliberately by the passionate words and constructs of its creator: for people to love themselves, to be good to others, and to be awesome. It's a book trilogy that I hope many people read to get them through dark times like these. It's a call for community and solidarity to overcome greed, pride, and cynicism. CV proclaims that our destiny is in our own hands, all of our hands, and it's up to us to make a dark world brighter.

Josh W
A Climactic, Shocking Conclusion

This is it. Our cast of misfits is stretched to their absolute limit. The truth is finally laid bare. All hell is breaking loose and it's up to Alex and company to make things right. But can they overcome the hatred and injustice of the past? There is a spark of hope, yes. But can our heroes grab it? Can they fix this? Kira Leigh brings things to a worthy, showstopping end, leaving the audience wanting more.

Daniel Hobaugh
Colorful, Chaotic, and Beautifully Disjointed

I didn't know what I was getting into when I first started Constelis Voss vol. 1: Color Theory. I was bewildered and confused, deliberately so by the author, just like Alex starts out. Everything was new and unknown and almost incomprehensible for the both of us, and I immediately felt a kinship with the snarky android from the future-past based on this mutual misunderstanding of the world he found himself in and I found myself rapturously following. Slowly things started clicking in place for the both of us by the middle of the book, connections both metaphorical and literal solidifying before our very eyes. It's not an understatement that it felt like I was reading the book almost in real time. Everything flows seamlessly and effortlessly with its own perfect internal logic, and once you start to settle into the ebb and flow of said logic it's hard to let it go.

Each successive volume of the trilogy brings you not just more of the same but more of itself, like adding more instruments to harmonize with a song. Each added layer making the previous deeper and more thought-provoking in retrospect. By the end of the series I looked at the first pages with entirely new eyes, able to pick out details that I had never thought to focus on; previously innocuous things were now jumping out at me, leaping out in my mind as if to say "you fool! How could not have seen this before?!". Its a testament to the skill and raw, burning passion of the author to have made something so beautifully complex and wonderfully sublime.

In the distant future on humanity's last starship, an android receives a 90s-era personality file. Alex is born as the only machine to remember being human. In his quest for understanding who he is, he finds familiar friends, a technocratic dictatorship and a mind-bending mystery. Remembering the past means saving humanity. But will he succeed without losing himself, using his friends, or dooming the human race in the process?

eBook Pack Specs

Genre: sci-fi, cyberpunk, lgbt, absurdist fantasy, psychological thriller
3 .epub files, 3 .mobi files and 3 pdf files for each volume.

Page Count: 170 total
Print ISBN: 978-1-7368053-0-5

Page Count: 
170 total
Print ISBN: 

Page Count: 181 total
Print ISBN: 978-1-7368053-2-9