Update 9/21/2022 — Housekeeping & Rad News!

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TONS of new things on the horizon

Hey everyone! It's K. Leigh. I just wanted to give a little update about my little baby eComm shop, future book stuff, and what's been happening.

To get the housekeeping out of the way:

Email is going to be weird for a little bit. Mailchimp is not working well with Shopify. You may get some duplicates; sorry about that! We will be moving to a new mailing list provider, which shouldn't mean anything save a much happier squad experience. TYSM for understanding.

Shipping delays still. Please check with your mail carrier first, then DM me on Twitter directly. I'll see what's up, but as meatworld is still pandemic, every eComm is dealing with it.

If you need to update customer data: see this page. Register with the email account you purchased from, which will let you change your info and prefs. Sometimes this doesn't translate from Shopify to Mailchimp, which is a reason we're changing providers. Email for help.

I'm adding ways to pay in your local currency. This may cause price changes based on taxes. I don't know yet. Stay tuned.

Now for the really rad stuff:


LGBT+ sci-fi eBooks by K. Leigh (CONSTELIS VOSS)

On 9/23/2022 I'm releasing the digital CONSTELIS VOSS lgbt+ sci-fi book series for TOTALLY FREE. You have until midnight 9/26/2022 to get your hands on the free eBook bundle.

This is the only time I'm giving out these bad boyz in tandem. Enjoy ✌️



I'm currently working on a Light Novel Hardcover Special Edition of EMPTY OF NOTHING that will feature 12 lovingly-rendered anime-styled pieces of art (all inspired by nerdy media we all love!), set in a dark navy linen wrap, gold foil inlay and with coat-protected pages.

Release date: November 19th 2022, to celebrate my b-day 😊

I will open up pre-orders for this on October 14th 2022. If you pre-order, you'll get massive discount and a gorgeous free poster. If you'd like to get updated on when this drops, click this link.

I'm also planning a Paperback version release directly after so it's ready for the holiday gifts. Treat the cyberpunk weeb in your life ❤️


indigo voss paperback direct by k leigh trans author psychological thriller

I am only now getting an editor for my (transmasc hellbook) psychological thriller INDIGO VOSS. I'm hoping this will have a March 2023 release date, but I'm not sure. NetGalley, Booksiren ARCs, getting press releases done early, and all that takes time.

I can't rush my best work so far. Especially since I don't have traditional publishing's PR to pave my way and also this launch is 100% on me and harder because no Amazon 🥴. Gotta go slow or my brains will cook.

INDIGO VOSS is a challenging book, but it also seeks to help people heal from trauma and critique social reality (as always). It's also darkly funny, which is much-needed with complex books like this.


If you're an LGBT+ indie author, bookstore or small press, feel free to signup to get a shout-out in my email list of ~1400 readers (give or take, we are fixing it, remember?)! Totally free—click me. 

And if you're an LGBT+ indie author, I've got something else just for you. If you fill out this interview form, you can have both your work and voice featured on the Writing While Queer blog. This gives you some SEO link-juice and it's a nice way to shine a spotlight on your ideas and unique perspectives.

Welp, that's it for now! I hope this gets y'all excited about what I'm working on, offers transparency, and maybe even provides opportunities that you can use to help get your cool books out there.

TYSM for reading 💕

— K. Leigh


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