Announcing INDIGO VOSS: A psychological thriller

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Announcing the INDIGO VOSS ARC - Psychological Thriller

A complex story of triumph over tragedy

In 1997, New York City, a petty criminal named Alex Voss is about to die via bullet shot right between the eyes by his criminal employer: Boris. But was he really a petty criminal, or something even stranger? As all roads lead to death, he recounts his tragic life one last time; murder, sex, drugs, rock and roll, losing his mind and failing at being a true hero.

There’s no escape from his tragic ending. At least, that’s how it’s meant to play out.

As events fail to line up, is Alex’s mind breaking the fourth wall, has he finally succumbed to madness, or did a deus ex machina from the future save him from himself?

It might just be all three, actually.

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I thought this day would never come

INDIGO VOSS felt cursed to never fly free 

At first, I tried to query this transmasc psychological thriller from actual hell, but traditional publishing wasn't into it. For starters, it's hard to judge a book with three different acts via a tiny sample. Secondly, it's risky and loud—just like its titular protagonist—which I get is a deterent. Still, querying IV wasn't a bright idea. It ate up a lot of time. Thus, it was pushed back.

INDIGO VOSS was pushed back again due to my dual-disabilities kicking my butt, me gearing up for surgery and on and on. Then the dread set in. I started getting nervous about releasing it. Bookworld feels fraught for trans authors. Would readers find the hopeful message beyond all the pain?

I wasn't so sure. I'm still not. But I'm choosing to defy the odds and be brave like Alex is for the entirety of this novel. Speaking of brave, if you're a brave reader, I'm inviting you to download an ARC of INDIGO VOSS in exchange for your honest review. Use the button below, check your inbox, prepare yourself and dive in.

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Do I need to read CV to get IV?

Nope! Each CONSTELIS VOSS backstory novel is made to be read on its own. You can read INDIGO VOSS first, then the trilogy, or ignore the trilogy entirely. Solo novels hold up, but you'll get a much more intricate experience if you read everything.

And who knows? If you read IV first, maybe the trilogy changes. It's neat to write a series capable of shifting perspectives with each read. At least, I think so!

One last thing before I send you on your way

Please keep in mind that INDIGO VOSS was written by an author with complex life experiences who also wrote this for someone specific. Basically, it's problematic for a purpose. A purpose you can only understand once you reach the end. Furthermore, know that this psychological thriller isn't for everyone.

However, grappling with difficult art like this can make a difference in the world, if you're willing to experience it. Art can heal and educate. Sometimes the lesson is painful, but no less cathartic.

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Thank you in advance for reading. Please share this article, the landing page, or the review page with your peers to help uplift the work.

If you have questions, feel free to email me directly. I will try to be as responsive as possible, but health issues are knocking the wind from my sails, so it might take me a bit.

K. Leigh

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