Are we living in a simulation?

Are we living in a simulation?

Kind of. To explain what I mean, I Wrote Something 😳

My name is Kira Leigh. I'm a basement-dwelling gamer-goblin, author and artist on a mission: I aim to write stories that weave together, complicate beautifully, and are stranger than fiction—just like life. Not lonely, solitary prose that reflects nothing of the outside world. Not work that sits beside its story-siblings in silence, either. Certainly not easy books with easy characters, or easy worlds, for that matter.

Strange worlds, for we live in one. In fact, the worlds I write about should be very familiar to you. They're versions of our own, only a little more neon and a lot more crunchy. The fantastical affords a clearer view of where we're at and I hope you'll take a moment to  browse with fresh, brave eyes.

Today, I want to share my latest work with you. It's a prequel (or maybe a sequel; the robots do like time-meddling) and examines the simulation we're all actually in. We live in a world with odd rules that only apply sometimes and only for certain people. The cruel ascend while everyone else suffers, stuck in nonsensical systems, loops of trauma, and suffering for the lot of it. EMPTY OF NOTHING addresses this strange real-world simulation, speaks about real shit from the mouth of a prickly queer loner, then asks a beautiful question: in love, can we remake the world for the better?

I think we can, it will be messy, and we need to try. 

EMPTY OF NOTHING — A Cyberpunk Semiotics Love Story

LGBT+ sci-fi novella EMPTY OF NOTHING by K. Leigh
LGBT+ sci-fi novella EMPTY OF NOTHING by K. Leigh
LGBT+ sci-fi novella EMPTY OF NOTHING by K. Leigh
LGBT+ sci-fi novella EMPTY OF NOTHING by K. Leigh
LGBT+ sci-fi novella EMPTY OF NOTHING by K. Leigh
LGBT+ sci-fi novella EMPTY OF NOTHING by K. Leigh
EMPTY OF NOTHING — A Cyberpunk Semiotics Love Story

A sci-fi novella about Sentient AI, unjust systems and finding love in a broken world.

A man wakes up alone in a surreal world of white rooms, small plants, cube-shaped food, curious tables and electronic dictionaries that hijack into neck ports. There is nothing here but empty space, empty people and the daily on/off grind. You’re born alone, feel only what you’re programmed to, hunt for your missing piece, die after coupling, and that’s that.

Or at least, that’s how it’s supposed to play out. There’s just one problem: The unnamed protagonist Lacks nothing and feels enough for several thousand lifetimes. He’s an Error. Burdened with self-awareness and insanity, our brave/broken hero battles an absurd world with nonsensical rules until he meets someone like him. A person, a destiny, a memory, or maybe a promise, the two struggle in a closed system hell-bent on keeping them in-line. For what purpose? It’s complicated.

Let’s just say nothing is what it seems and maybe the machines really will save humanity from its ultimate enemy: Itself.

eBook Specs:

File Type: .epub (2 and 3), .pdf, .mobi
sci-fi, cyberpunk, lgbt, absurdist fantasy, psychological thriller, adult

Length: A breezy (but dense) read, EMPTY OF NOTHING is 12 chapters long, just shy of 60 pages in fixed-width pdf format, and roughly 10,800 words.

CW:  This adult cyberpunk short story contains themes of mental illness, references to self-harm, a depiction of psychosis, implied sexual themes and humorous-violent imagery. While it has disturbing parts, it's also absurd, which tempers the work. Please enter it aware that we're on Brazil (85')-Meets-The-Cube ('97) hours and grapple with it accordingly. Good luck.


Note From the Author:

EMPTY OF NOTHING is a 12 chapter cyberpunk short story, a prequel to CONSTELIS VOSS—or perhaps a perpetual sequel—considering my robots play with time. But maybe it's more than that. Maybe EMPTY OF NOTHING is how social reality feels to an autistic person. Maybe it's how the game of good and evil really operates: the boringly cruel and the terrifyingly human, fighting for supremacy in an artificial world. Maybe it's even a story about forcing love to win at all costs.

In any case, this is imperfect queer fiction that examines an imperfect reality and asks: can we choose imperfect human goodness?

I think we can. I'd like to see us try. 

— K. Leigh

Damnn. Sounds swag, right?

A gorgeous cover, lovingly formatted indie ebooks (THANK YOU MELINDA) in multiple file types for all your devices, a brisk, brutal, beautiful read...what's not to love? Well, you might want to check out the writing first. I get it—you probably don't know my work that well—so I made an animation with voice acting and everything, just for you:

Please let me know what you think of the work! Reader feedback is vital for indie authors, and not just because reading your reviews makes our day so much brighter (it does~). Indies not only use your feedback to help refine our craft, but your opinions help other readers figure out if what we're writing is for them or not. That's really important. ❤️

It also counts double for nerds trying to get a divorce from Bezos and his Amazon monopoly. Right now, I'm far too small-fry to fully pull back from his dire empire, but I know with your help we can get my savvy stories into the light where they belong. 🙌

If you want to score my other books—indie direct style—feel free to check out the blocks below or visit the full book catalogue.

CONSTELIS VOSS eBook Trilogy Bundle


In the distant future on humanity's last starship, an android receives a 90s-era personality file. Alex is born as the only machine to remember being human. In his quest for understanding who he is, he finds familiar friends, a technocratic dictatorship and a mind-bending mystery. Remembering the past means saving humanity. But will he succeed without losing himself, using his friends, or dooming the human race in the process?

eBook Pack Specs

Genre: sci-fi, cyberpunk, lgbt, absurdist fantasy, psychological thriller
3 .epub files, 3 .mobi files and 3 pdf files for each volume.

Page Count: 170 total
Print ISBN: 978-1-7368053-0-5

Page Count: 
170 total
Print ISBN: 

Page Count: 181 total
Print ISBN: 978-1-7368053-2-9

constelis voss lgbt sci-fi ebook trilogy by k leigh
constelis voss lgbt sci-fi ebook trilogy by k leigh
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Before you go, remember: the simulation doesn't have to suck.

 We can make it better, together, with love. I truly believe that. Don't you? ❤️